Wolfson Depression and Anxiety Screening Tool (WDAST-B)

The Wolfson Depression and Anxiety Screening Tool is an anonymous and confidential way of finding out about your symptoms. It takes less than two minutes to complete. 

Please remember that this is not a diagnosis, only a health professional can provide that, but it can give you a better sense of how you're feeling. 

If you think you may be suffering from Depression or Anxiety, we strongly recommend that you get an assessment by a mental health professional and ask about your treatment options. You are also welcome to contact us and arrange a free online consultation.

 In the past month or more I felt:

Less interested in things I usually like.
Worried something bad will happen.
Less connected with people.
Unable to sleep well.
Unable to start or finish things.
I can’t focus or remember things.
I’m eating, drinking, or smoking a lot.
I have little energy for anything.
Like I wish I wasn’t here anymore.
Afraid of something.