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First Session
The Fee for the initial online or face-to-face assessment session is $375.00 per 90-minute. The Fee for the initial family therapy session is $450 per 90-minute.

Standard Fee
The Standard Full Fee for the individual online or face-to-face assessment session is $250.00 per 60-minute. The Standard Full Fee for the family therapy session is $350 per 60-minute.


Fee Under Medicare - Online

Medicare does not yet provide a rebate for Online Sessions. However we believe that access to quality psychological care should be available to all and we are happy to offer reduced fee services based on your individual needs.


Fee Under Medicare - Face to Face

Please note that in order to receive Medicare rebate you must obtain a referral from your GP. The standard rebate (as of November 2013) for an individual consultation is $124.50. We offer Medicare e-claiming services.

If you have a private health insurance, please contact them directly for information about your entitlements as rebates vary depending on which fund you are with and what type of cover you have.

The process to claim a Medicare rebate:

  • After making a booking with us at Neurocog, we will send you a confirmation email outlining the details of your appointment,
  • Print a copy of your confirmation email, or write down Neurocog's details:


  • Book an appointment with your local GP
  • Mention that you have booked in to see one of our Clinicians, and show your GP the confirmation email,
  • Request a letter of referral (Mental Health Care Plan) addressed to one of our Clinicians,
  • Take the Mental Health Care Plan with you to our counseling session,
  • Pay the full session fee at the counseling session and we can lodge the medicare claim on your behalf. Alternatively, you can claim your rebate afterwards online or at a medicare branch.



Fee Under Medicare- Family Therapy 

Currently Medicare does not yet provide rebates for family therapy.

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Cancellation Policy

We require 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or postpone your appointment.
Please note, you will be required to pay the full fee for your therapy session if you miss or cancel less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment.