Who We Are

Neurocog stands for Neuro-Cognition.

At Neurocog we are professional researchers and clinicians with a passion for understanding the brain and human behavior. We research cognition, brain and body physiology, genetics and language in our effort to improve the human condition. We provide assessments and specific interventions for people desiring increased cognitive capacity, emotional resilience, increased stress tolerance, and reduction or extinction of negative symptoms and behaviors.


What We Do


We provide confidential screening Assessments based upon scientific research and a highly personalized Treatment tailored to each of our clients individual needs to help attain the personal growth they are striving for.


We offer individually tailored performance Assessments and Treatments focusing on defining agreed  goals, understanding the factors which impact on performance, implementing strategies and maintaining motivation to achieve goals.


With help of a range of academic disciplines we systematically investigate human cognition and develop set of tools, training and techniques enabling process of constant self improvement.

What we think

Complexity is at the core of the problem in understanding the mind because as we ask more specific questions we must account for so many factors.

Psychometric tests can miss data or misconstrue it but they provide important information to compare with other information.

Neurocog does not challenge current positions and theories from the medical professions we simply offer an alternative view from neuroscience.

Psychological theories can confuse, distort and cloud understanding at times but they also can open doors to a new perspective.

Diagnostic labels can stigmatize but they also can open doors to treatment, support and reduce blame.

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